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Personal Training / Post Rehabilitation at Flow

Personal training gets results-whether you are looking to lose weight, get stronger or more flexible, improve overall conditioning, prepare for a special event, rehab from an injury, prepare for and adjust to the metamorphisis of pregnancy, or just feel better.

Your training sessions are designed to target your goals; taking into account your physical needs and any special conditions, time allotment and current fitness level. Because attention is directed toward you alone, special focus is given to developing proper form and to progressing at the speed your body dictates.

All this concentrated effort will accelerate you toward your goals while protecting you from potential injuries. Work smarter, not harder. One on one, buddy or small group training sessions are available.  

PreNatal Personal Training to improve overall fitness to help with the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy as well as labor.  Improve on the recovery in the postnatal period.

Training Sessions are by appointment only.  Choose a one hour session or a 1/2 hr mini session.  


Pilates & Barre Fusion

Strengthen, stretch, and tone your body by conditioning the core muscles in the abdomen and back through targeted exercises and focused breathing. Experience improved posture and balance, increased lung capacity, and enhanced coordination.

The strengthening of muscles through Pilates will help increase your metabolism and aid in your weight-loss efforts. For these reasons, and because it's easy on the joints, Pilates can be practiced by first-time exercisers and more seasoned athletes. Mat, equipment or machine.

Barre Fusion, stretch, plie, squeeze, work your core and experience length and the grace of a dancer.  One on one or form your own small group.  By appointment only.

Gravity Training System by EFI

Movements are functional multi-plane patterns encouraging opposing muscle groups to work synergisticly for total body strength and conditioning. Full body workout and Pilates reformer based exercises tax core strength, dynamic stability, and coordination. This method is highly suggested for Post-rehab conditioning of common joint disorders such as the knee, shoulder and lumbar spine as well as building a strong fit body.

Nordic Walking

Take your training to the park and walk your way to fitness. Cross-country skiing is one of the most effective activities for burning calories and building cardio-vacsular fitness because it actively engages muscles in the upper and lower body. Nordic Walking mimics the motion and benefits of cross-country skiing through the use of specially designed hand-held poles which engage those same muscles, making it up to 40% more effective than regular walking. Originally utilized as a summer training method by cross-country skiers, it proved so effective that it has developed into a approach for anyone wanting to improve or maintain overall fitness, muscle tone, and cardio-vascular health. Since its inception in Finland in 1997, researchers in sports medicine, and other fitness professionals have developed the special poles which are the key to making this workout effective. If you are ready to take your walk to the next level, Nordic Walking may be for you.

  • Increase upper body strength
  • Effective release of shoulder and neck tension
  • Low impact activity results in less stress on the joints
  • Same intensity of running without the impact
  • Burns up to 46% more calories
  • Easy to learn and do
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