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Wednesday December 24 Christmas Eve & 31 New Years Eve We will have  Morning Classes Only, all PM Classes are Cancelled.  Flow will be closed all day on December 25 and January 1.


Yoga Nidra

Saturday January 10, 2015


After a holiday season of giving to others, we often use the month of January to reacquaint ourselves with our own needs and setting new goals.  Did you know that a regular meditation practice can assist you with each of these and help keep your year on track?  It can.    And one of the most beneficial forms of meditation is called Yoga Nidra which LaMor Silas (E-RYT-200) will be leading on Sat January 10th.

Yoga Nidra, or “Yogic Sleep” is the state of complete relaxation in which the body profoundly relaxes and the thinking mind begins to quiet.  And while it is said that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra provides the equivalent of a 4-hour restful sleep, we in fact remain keenly aware of our senses, our breath, and the relaxation process as it unfolds.  The practice of Yoga Nidra has been found to reduce tension, anxiety, headaches, and restlessness and increase mental clarity, focus, and calm.   Sound good?  Oh, it gets better.  Yoga Nidra helps to release stress in the body and prepares the mind to develop and nurture any positive affirmations we may want to set for ourselves during the session.

Yoga Nidra is very different than what we normally know as ‘sleep’.  When we sleep, our bodies shut down and yet our mind uncontrollably drifts in and out of dreams.  With Yoga Nidra, we stay focused on breath awareness, body awareness, and sensory awareness … all with the purpose of helping ourselves witness our own relaxation unfold, one breath … one sensation at a time.

Our Yoga Nidra session will begin with 15 minutes of gentle floor-based yoga poses to stretch and unkink the physical body and breath techniques to balance our energy.  As we settle into the remaining hour, props such as bolsters, mats, blankets and eye pillows will be offered to assist us in obtaining stillness through maximum comfort and support as LaMor guides us through the practice.   Please wear comfortable clothing and consider bringing socks and a light for gentle warmth.

No experience is necessary as Yoga Nidra is suitable for ALL levels of practitioners.

$20 per person




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