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                  fireworks  Tues July 4

Join Us for Easy Flow Yoga at 10 am * No Easy Flow Yoga at 5:30 PM


Summer Special   summer

Summer Pricing Special  $140 (cash/check price add $3 if paying with credit or debit  card)    3 months unlimited classes  (June/July/August) does not include special events. 


Community Yoga Classes With Flow

  (These Classes Are Free of Charge to the Participants as a Community Service)

 at the New Port Richey Library               5939 Main Street        

 seated yoga posesMondays 2-3 pm  Chair Yoga 

Mondays 3:15-4:15 pm        Meditative Yoga

Come to your breath and take your body into easy flowing postures to restore and balance bringing you back into harmony with your inner being. No prior yoga experience necessary.  All levels are Welcome. 

Led by Faith.  

Help The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team Flow Yoga Faith with a class donation.  Your  contribution does make a big difference http://pages.lightthenight.org/sun/Tampa17/FlowYogaFaith


2017 ytt photo



at House of Light Yoga and Wellness

JivaPatha School of Conscious Yoga RYS200 HighReswww.houseoflightyoga.net


Our next Gong Immersion  TBA   

The sound of a gong played to a deep relaxation, it is a real treat. Yogi Bhajan used to talk about it as a tool that supercedes the mind.  


When the gong is played, the mental thought process naturally relaxes.

Begin with some breath work and gentle movement followed by 30 minutes of relaxation to the vibration of the gong.  Yogi Tea and Cookies Served Following   with Rae

Kundalini Yoga as Taught By Yogi Bhajan

$10 love donation appreciated to the teachings.

All matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. Science has proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. There are a wide range of techniques that utilize sound as a tool for change. The most common and basic use of sound is for meditation and relaxation to alter brainwave states to help with sleep disorders and facilitate creative expression. Listening to one’s own root frequency enables an individual to create a more centered and grounded awareness within their life. Sound and music are also used to help with difficult life transitions, including birth and death. The medical community also uses sound and music in a variety of applications such as: during surgery to relieve pain, to break up gall stones and to relax muscles using ultrasound. Doctors are now finding the resonant frequency of organs in order to help vibrate them back into a healthy

Our Next Yoga Nidra TBA

In today’s fast paced  modern world it’s rare we find time to fully relax and let go of our everyday stressors. Yoga Nidra which translates to Yogic Sleep is a relaxing,   reflective and  revitalizing style of yoga that uses deep relaxation  techniques and guided visualizations to bring about a deep restful state. Go on a journey into the center of your inner world, past the conditioned mind and into a place of stillness and joy.              Accessing this deeper place allows us to release stress and deep tensions, anxieties and self-limiting beliefs, ultimately awakening us to our greatest potential!brandi collage

We will begin class with 30 minutes of meditative movement and asana to prepare the body for deep Savasana where we will spend the next 45-60 minutes practicing Yoga Nidra.    Come prepared to relax and be still.    w/ Brandi       

$10 love donation appreciated 

Gift Certificates Available for Classes, Personal Training, Merchandise, and All Massage and Beauty Services



organicsTastey Tuesday  Every Tuesday
10 am to Noon
New Port Richey Library
Local fresh organic produce and other food and beauty products, organic free range eggs.


Women’s Self Defense Class   Wednesdays at Noon in July
with Sensei George R. Trimm
Founder of the Trimm No Shin Karate and Kobudo System

trimm no  shin.JPG


george trimm.jpg

This course is for women of ALL ages
How not to look or walk like a possible victim.
*Moves to help you protect yourself                                                                                                                        *The ability to help yourself if attacked
 *Awareness to your surroundings
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