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Welcome to Flow Yoga Here you can relax, regenerate, renew...

Your Haven for Well-Being

Flow-"moments of being immersed in an experience and letting go of self-consciousness and the subjective sense of a separation between oneself and the activity." Daniel J. Siegel Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology, An Integrative Handbook of the Mind

Flow Yoga/Pilates/Personal Training/Massage & Beauty Therapy, since 2005,  is not just a wellness center but an oasis of warmth, energy, and healthy connections. Designed to promote a sense of calm, our quiet setting allows you to step back from your busy day and focus, de-stress, and nurture yourself harmonizing your mind and body with yoga classes, pilates and personal training, yoga therapy, a facial, nail treatment or massage.

Attention to Each Student's Needs

Our yoga classes are small and designed to invite students of all levels to work and develop their own potential. Personal attention is given in all yoga classes and pilates training, providing appropriate  modifications and enhancements as needed. It is your journey, always work at your own pace. Love your body and it will love you back. At Flow Yoga, the focus is on you. We strive to give you the most nurturing environment while helping you achieve your goals and maintaining respect for your body's abilities. We invite you to disconnect from the stress of daily life, reconnect with your body, and create bonds with others.

All of our teachers have met rigorous standards of training  with hundreds of hours of training/learning, and some with thousands of hours of experience teaching.   We support new teachers and teachers in training.                

If you are new to yoga or just visiting, we have mats, blocks, straps and eye pillows
for you to use while practicing with us. 
Please clean the mats with the cleaner after use.

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